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‘Together we have faced the most difficult of years…’

Dec 24, 2020

In looking forward to 2020 last December, I was predicting a busy year with Brexit, the general election at home and the presidential election in the United States top of the news agenda. Not a lot more needed to be said or so it seemed. As events unfolded, however, perhaps a set of Tarot cards may have been more accurate.
Together we have faced the most difficult of years, so much of it so bad for so many that it is hard, and maybe even inappropriate, to identify positives. Yet the loyalty shown to The Irish Times by you our readers even in the worst times was exactly that: a huge positive.
With our office closed and working from home, like so many others, we have tried to put our best foot forward; to provide the reliable and trustworthy journalism sought by you and, across the range of what we do via so many forms of media, to help shine some light in the dark.
Your response has been evident in a rise in traffic to our website and in digital subscriptions, and in increased sales of the Weekend edition. Less measurable but equally heartening is the sense that when you as readers, users, viewers, listeners and customers all part of The Irish Times audience now re-examined your priorities in troubled times, you saw a place for us in your lives.
Irish Times Editor Paul ONeill
At the end of such a year, I want to acknowledge the huge commitment of my colleagues who have done so much to make this possible: every section and every department, those front of house and behind the scenes, those who laboured from their kitchens, bedrooms and attics, those out and about as essential workers and those who kept the print plant moving in Citywest and the lights turned on in Tara Street. In an organisation of very diverse individuals, it was the ultimate team effort.
As we continue to grapple with the pandemic and so many other uncertainties, I hesitate to try my hand at more forecasting. But it seems reasonable to hope that in due course 2021 will bring better times.
With that in mind, I want to thank you for your continuing support for The Irish Times and to wish you and your families as happy a Christmas as the circumstances permit.
Best wishes, Paul O’NeillEditor