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Dec 23, 2020

Anthony Joshua sent Tyson Fury a simple message amid more talk of their eagerly anticipated fight in 2021: ‘Less talk, more action.’
The IBF, WBA and WBO heavyweight champion once again reiterated his desire to fight the Gypsy King, but says he’s tired of flirting with the idea and just wants it to get sorted.
Between them, AJ and Fury currently hold all four major heavyweight world titles
The pair have agreed a two-fight deal for next year with Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn revealing that there are only a few minor details to be ironed out ahead of a potential bout in either May or June.
The Brits have met before, when Joshua was 20 and still making his way as an amateur boxer when Fury offered his Rolex as a reward if he could make him sweat.
Back then he showcased the uppercuts he lets loose on opponents and, after his win against Kubrat Pulev, explained they were in honour of Mike Tyson.
Speaking to the Guardian, Joshua said Fury knows about my uppercut. He knew about it from when I was [20].
At one point against Pulev, Joshua threw four consecutive uppercuts
“Trust me, he knows whats coming. All I wanted was his Rolex watch [because] he said before that spar: If you can beat me up or knock me out, you can have my Rolex. It was a good spar and I didnt really know too much. It was just passion. Now I have some boxing IQ to go with my passion, it will be a great fight.
Fury suggested Joshua was dodging questions on the prospect of fighting him following ‘AJ’s’ comprehensive victory over Pulev earlier this month.
But Joshua, 31, believes Fury couldn’t be further off the mark, claiming he just wants to get in the ring with his 32-year-old opponent rather than chase the fight through the media.
He told iFL TV: “Less talk, more action. I’ve done all the talking.
Tyson Fury’s former trainer Ben Davison gives ‘The Gypsy King’ the edge over Anthony Joshua as heavyweight pair prepare to finally meet in 2021
“I can’t believe last year I chased the Deontay Wilder fight before Andy Ruiz… I did so much chasing, people telling me I was ducking him and I don’t want to fight the best and he came out on his social media saying he gave a lucrative offer…
“At that point I realised I’m not chasing these guys any more. Until it’s serious I’m not going round trying to prove myself.
“After that fight [against Pulev] I didn’t even want to do an interview… I’m tired of talking, talking, talking. I said ‘if Tyson Fury has the WBC belt, let it be Tyson Fury I fight.’
“If he’s the best in the division, let’s get cracking. I’ve fought about six or seven champions in my career and he’ll be another one to my roster.
“He’s more talk, less action… whatever he’s down to do, he’s a fighting man. He’s not scared to fight me, none of us are scared to fight but let’s not use this as a chance to build a profile off each other’s back, let’s just fight. The fight’s big enough as it is. I don’t need to belittle him or anything like that.”
Joshua issued a simple message as he chases the undisputed crown
Back in his amateur days, an expensive watch was on offer but now it’s the chance to be the undisputed heavyweight champion.
Joshua admitted Fury would be a very big test but is very confident in his ability to get the better of the undefeated heavyweight.
“I was hungry then and Im even hungrier now. There was a Rolex [on offer then] but now there is an even bigger pot of gold at the end of this rainbow and I want to take his head off his shoulders when that fight happens. Im sure that Ill win.
A Joshua vs Fury fight would be one of the biggest events in British sporting history