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Dec 22, 2020

Jamie Carragher could not contain himself when Gary Neville chose Paul Pogba as his player to watch for 2021.
The Liverpool legend has been critical of the Manchester United midfielder in the past, calling him ‘the most overrated player’ he has ever seen.
Carragher couldnt help himself when Neville picked Pogba
Carragher has previously made it clear he is not a fan of Pogba
Pogbas days at Old Trafford appear to be numbered with his agent, Mino Raiola, claiming the Frenchmans time at the club is over.
Listing their 2021 predictions on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football, Carragher picked Man Citys John Stones as the player to watch, while Neville named Pogba – something he later denied doing.
Sky Sports presenter Dave Jones said: Lets have a look at the player to watch, this could be interesting.
Carragher could not help bursting into laughter when seeing Nevilles selection was Pogba.
Neville replied by saying: I didnt even fill that in by the way. Ive said it for the last three years
Neville and Carragher did their last MNF of the year on Monday evening
Carragher interrupted: He says this every year!
While Carragher inserted himself into the television frame, Neville continued: Ive said it for the last three years because I still want him to drive Manchester United forward and be the player that he can be at the club and drive them towards a title.
That sounds laughable at this moment in time.
Carragher again interrupted: It is!
Neville concluded: But thats what Id like to see him do. I didnt actually pick him on that. Someones messed around with that.
Neville and Carragher’s predictions

  • CHAMPIONS – both Liverpool

Neville: “I said they were going to at the start of the season, and theres nothing I see.
That moment around Villa and Van Dijk getting injured I thought, this could be interesting, but theyve settled down.
Theyll have bumps – they didnt have bumps last year, they were unbelievable – theyll have bumps this year just because of the league and the way it is but I think theyll definitely get there.
Neville: Man City, Man United, Spurs.
Carragher: Man City, Man United, Chelsea.
Neville: Youre allowed to change your mind, arent you?
To be honest with you I said Chelsea I thought could finish in the top four.
That last one – I think Manchester City and Manchester United will definitely finish in the top three and I think it’ll be Chelsea or Tottenham, and its a flip of the coin to be honest with you.
Carragher: I think United will, I think theyve got a lot. Their attacking power is fantastic. You look at the bench at the weekend against Leeds, theyve got a really strong squad, Manchester United. You always fancy them to score goals in games so I think theyll be there or thereabouts.”