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Dec 21, 2020

Troy Deeney still has no idea why he did not play for Watford over the weekend and remains in the dark over ‘discipline issues’ identified by ex-manager Vladimir Ivic.
Ivic, who was sacked by the Hornets hours after Saturday’s 2-0 defeat at Huddersfield, explained post-match that he kept Deeney on the bench at the John Smith’s Stadium because of ‘some discipline issues’ – though such issues were not explained in more detail.
As a result, Deeney was an unused substitute as a Ben Foster mistake and Etienne Capoue own goal secured Huddersfield a 2-0 win which sealed Ivic’s fate and saw him dismissed by the Vicarage Road outfit.
Deeney remained on the bench as he watched his teammates fall to a 2-0 defeat
But why he was kept on the bench remains a mystery to Deeney, who revealed on Monday’s talkSPORT Breakfast that the only thing he did which could be construed as poor discipline was not ending a massage early.
“Training as normal on Friday, we travelled up to Huddersfield and got told I wasn’t in the team,” explained Deeney. “I’m not happy, but it is what it is.
“At ten past two I’m getting a massage and get a call saying ‘Troy, can you come and see the gaffer?’.
“‘Yeah, no problem. I’m just getting a massage so give me ten minutes and I’ll be in’
“I went to the office but he was in the canteen, so I went to the canteen and he was eating. He didn’t pull me so I thought it couldn’t be anything important, so I thought we’d speak on the bus.
Ivic was sacked hours after the defeat in Huddersfield
“Travel, nothing. Get to the hotel, nothing. It can’t be an issue.
“I’ll be honest, my face was probably like thunder because I had been dropped; scored three in three then been dropped, I’m not happy.
“But again, so many games and you start to understand it.
“I get to the game and think I’m going to come on at some point – nothing. Not even asked to warm up.
“So I’m like okay, this is a Monday morning job to deal with this.
Deeney was in good form heading into Saturday’s match but did not play
“I get in the car to go home and then ‘ping, ping, ping’. He said he had rested me for being fatigued, for playing four full games in the previous weeks, and then there was a disciplinary – I’d been disciplined for something. But he didn’t want to speak about it.
“So people are going, ‘Troy, what have you done? Have you kicked off?, and I’m like ‘I don’t know’.
“The only thing I can say is that when he asked to see me I didn’t come; I didn’t stop the middle of the massage I was in to go. That is genuinely it.”
Ivic was axed on Saturday evening, just 20 games into his reign, and promptly replaced by Xisco Munoz.
Asked if he has anything to do with Ivic now not being the Watford manager, Deeney added: “No, I didn’t play, so it didn’t affect the result.
“I didn’t kick off, I didn’t do anything that would hamper the team. Even if I did that, if I did get back it would make my job even harder.
Deeney and Ivic now go their separate ways, with the ‘discipline issue’ remaining a mystery to the striker
“It wouldn’t be a good captain if you are hammering the manager and trying to get the boys onside to do their job.
“Genuinely that is it.
“It’s like I thought is he trying to dig me out because he made a tactical decision which didn’t work? And then I was getting angry, because I can’t win anyway.”
Given Ivic was sacked shortly after revealing the alleged ‘discipline issues’, Troy was asked if he still hasn’t had the conversation with his now ex-manager.
“Not since Thursday,” replied the Hornets skipper.