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The economic indicators are encouraging. says the PM at the FICCI meet

Dec 12, 2020

Even as farmers continue to protest against the recent agriculture laws, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said the three laws will give farmers access to new markets and technology, while also helping increase the investments in the agricultural sector.
Speaking at the 93rd FICCI AGM, Mr. Modi stressed that the government is committed to helping farmers.
…farmers will be able to access new markets and avenues. They will be able to leverage technology. With all this more investment will come in the agriculture sector. And the maximum benefit will come to Indias farmers, the Prime Minister said.
He added that in a vibrant economy, walls cannot be erected around different sectors as this harms the economy of the country. The reforms being undertaken will take these walls down and the recent agriculture reforms are a part of this process.
Mr. Modi added that walls and hurdles built around agriculture and related sectors, such as agri infrastructure, food processing, storage and cold chain, are being removed. These reforms, he said, are targeted towards increasing farmers income and their prosperity.
To strengthen the country’s agri sector many steps have been taken. It has become much more vibrant. Today, Indias farmers have the choice of selling their produce in the Mandis as well as outside them. The mandis are undergoing a tech revolution, but farmers can now also sell and purchase goods using digital platform, he said.
He also asked the industry leaders to increase spending in the agriculture sector. He stated that the private sector has not spent that amount it should have ideally on agriculture and need to explore the sector.
On the economy, Mr. Modi said the Indian economy is recovering at a swift pace and economic indicators are encouraging.
Stating that the country and the world has gone through many ups and downs during the year, the Prime Minister said the good thing is that things are recovering at a fast pace. Things in December have changed a lot since Feb-March. The economic indicators today are encouraging, the Prime Minister said.