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The official Twitter account of China’s embassy in Washington, D.C., quickly undid a retweet appearing to support President Donald Trump’s claims that the Democrats had committed election fraud.

Dec 10, 2020

Hackers infiltrated the official Twitter account of the Chinese Embassy and retweeted a claim by President Donald Trump that the Democratic Party had committed election fraud, Beijing’s Washington office claimed on Wednesday.
The embassy’s clarification came after Twitter users noticed its account had retweeted a Trump post reading: “If somebody cheated in the Election, which the Democrats did, why wouldn’t the Election be immediately overturned? How can a Country be run like this?”
Trump’s post, which has been liked more than 245,000 times, was flagged by Twitter as disputed—and China’s embassy in Washington, D.C., quickly undid the retweet, which appeared to suggest that Beijing shared the president’s views.
“The Chinese Embassy twitter account was hacked this afternoon and we condemn such an act,” the office tweeted. “For clarification, the Embassy didn’t do any retweeting on Dec.9.”
The Chinese Embassy twitter account was hacked this afternoon and we condemn such an act. For clarification, the Embassy didnt do any retweeting on Dec.9.
— Chinese Embassy in US (@ChineseEmbinUS) December 10, 2020
It is unclear precisely how or when the alleged hack took place. The embassy has not responded to a request for further details, while Twitter told Newsweek it would not comment.
More than five weeks after Election Day and just over one month before the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, President Trump has yet to concede defeat.
His re-election campaign launched a flurry of local and state lawsuits in an attempt to overturn results, but more than 50 claims have been knocked back by courts at various levels, according to attorney Marc Elias.
This time for real…
Trump/GOP started the day 1-51 in court.Trump/GOP ended the day 1-55 in court.Goodnight.
— Marc E. Elias (@marceelias) December 10, 2020
The president continues to post tweets and retweets alleging fraud, leading Twitter to label almost all of his messages about the election as disputed.
Meanwhile, Chinese President Xi Jinping has congratulated Biden on his victory. He called for Beijing and Washington to work “hand in hand,” saying healthy U.S.-China relations were a “common expectation” of the international community.
The Chinese leadership will first need to get through the remaining weeks of the Trump administration, which, in addition to the ongoing trade war, has sanctioned Beijing for alleged human rights abuses in Xinjiang and its policies to quell the pro-democracy movement in Hong Kong.
On Monday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeoannounced new U.S. sanctions against 14 members of the National People’s Congress, China’s legislature. The measures—a response to the erosion of democracy in Hong Kong—include the freezing of their U.S.-based assets as well as travel bans.
Beijing vowed “resolute and forceful countermeasures” and, on Thursday, it banned travel to China for U.S. officials in the “administrative department,” Congress and NGOs, as well as family members.
At a press briefing, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said visa waivers for Hong Kong and Macao would also be revoked for U.S. diplomats.
No U.S. officials were named in the statement from Beijing, but senior State Department figures, including Pompeo, are expected to be included.
The Twitter account of President Donald Trump. The Chinese embassy in Washington, D.C. blamed hackers for a retweet of a Trump post that appeared on its account.Olivier DOULIERY/AFP via Getty Images