• Sun. Dec 11th, 2022

Khloé announced the news to a fan on Twitter

Dec 8, 2020

Khloé Kardashian has confirmed that her familys annual Christmas Eve party has been cancelled for the first time since 1978 due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.
When a fan asked if the bash was still on, Khloé replied: The Covid cases are getting out of control in CA. So we decided that were not doing a Christmas Eve party this year.”
Explaining that theres no feasible way for the star-studded event to take place, she added: Its the first time we will not be having a Christmas Eve party since 1978 I believe. Health and safety first though! Taking this pandemic seriously is a must.”
In a message to another fan, Khloé revealed the family havent taken part in their annual Christmas card photoshoot this year: We have not done anything. No Christmas photos and no Christmas Eve party this year. Covid has taken over.
An insider has reportedly told People that the Kardashian-Jenner gang may host a smaller get together with just family instead. 
Back in November, Khloé was still hopeful that the festivities would go ahead. At the time, she tweeted to a fan that precautions would have to be taken before hosting the event.
“I think it will have to be way smaller obviously. And I’m totally fine with that! But we’re definitely celebrating Christmas! It will just have to be small and safe. Maybe do rapid testing before. We have to think of what is safest, she wrote.
Heres hoping they hadnt already ordered the canapés.