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Incredible photographs shows the river-like junction of flood-hit Deysbrook Lane and Melwood Drive in West Derby

Dec 8, 2020

Roads around West Derby are currently closed as Liverpool Council and emergency services work to clear severe flooding caused by today’s heavy downpour.
Incredible photographs taken Melwood Drive and Deysbrook Lane show river-like flood water running through the streets.
The flooding engulfed cars as they tried to navigate down the rain battered roads.
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Merseyside Fire and Rescue said crews were alerted at 8.06am and on scene at 8.15am during the morning school run.
They said several vehicles are currently stuck in floodwater, with one fire engine currently in attendance as well as search and rescue equipment.
The ECHO’s Tom Evans, 40, who lives in West Derby said: “I was getting the car ready to take my son to school when a neighbour told me the road was flooded.
“I thought how bad can it be…but then I looked and there was water gushing out of a drain at the end of our close, where it never normally floods.
“The junction of Deysbrook Lane and Melwood Avenue was the worst – I’ve lived here eight years and it floods about once a year, but never this bad.”
He added: “We had to walk along the path at the side of Deysbrook Lane then climb over a wall, because the water was a couple of feet deep across the whole width of the road.
“Leyfield Road was bad too, and there’s five schools on or just off that road, so it was chaotic – but cars were just about getting through.”
This isn’t the first time that the same roads in West Derby have experienced severe flooding during heavy rain.
In September 2019, we reported how residents in the Deysbrook Lane and Melwood Drive areas of West Derby were particularly badly hit, with startling footage showing how an entire street became submerged.
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Regarding this morning’s flooding, one Deysbrook Lane resident – who did not wish to be named – was offering a stepladder to passers-by, to help them climb over the wall to get away from the flooding.
She said: “This has been happening for 20 years now. They say they’ve fixed the drains every year, but then it happens again. I phoned up at 7.55am and said it’s going to flood… now it’s more than an hour later and they’ve only just turned up.”
Police have closed several roads as emergency teams tackle the flood waters, and have asked drivers to avoid the area around Deysbrook Lane and Melwood Drive.
Elsewhere, heavy rain has caused a number of flooding incidents, including one on Bedford Road in Bootle where crews rescued a person from their vehicle after becoming trapped in floodwater.