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Ritter has led the company along with other its co-founders for over a decade

Dec 7, 2020

The chief executive of Europes largest fashion site has announced he is to step down next year so that his wifes career can take priority.
Rubin Ritter is one of the co-founders of German fashion company Zalando and has been a top executive for the last 10 years, but has now revealed his decision to quit, cutting short a contract that runs until 2023.
The company started in 2008 from Berlin and has spread across 17 European markets becoming the continents biggest online-only fashion and lifestyle brand. The company has a customer base of 36 million and as per their last quarter results, current revenues stand at 1.85bn.
Mr Ritter is one of the three chiefs of the company, along with Robert Gentz and David Schneider, and serves as the companys head of strategy and communications, as well as serving as finance chief until last year.
Announcing the move in a statement, Mr Ritter said he wishes to devote more time to his family.  
“My wife and I have agreed that for the coming years, her professional ambitions should take priority. I want to devote more time to my growing family. After more than 11 amazing years where Zalando has been my priority, I feel that it is time to give my life a new direction,” the statement read.
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Mr Ritter will step down at the next annual general meeting, which is usually held in May each year, the company said.
The companys other two chiefs and co-founders said they will continue to lead the company. Reacting to Mr Ritters resignation, BBC News quoted Mr Gentz as saying: “When we started to ship the first shoes to our customers from the basement of our office, we did not know where the journey would lead us.
“It is impossible to overstate Rubin’s impact on Zalando’s success.”
Talking about his focus after Zalando, Mr Ritter said he is eager to allow himself time to explore new interests beyond Zalando”.
“In my remaining months I will ensure that we continue to rapidly advance the execution of our strategy,” Mr Ritter stated.