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Some areas of Devon and Cornwall will see temperatures drop to -2C tonight

Dec 5, 2020

Parts of Devon and Cornwall have seen snow in the last 24 hours and are now being warned of icy conditions as the cold snap continues.
Snow began falling on Thursday night over parts of Dartmoor and eastern Cornwall, leaving sections of the moors white – and more snow fell across some parts of the region last night.
The snow, coupled with a marked drop in temperature, has been catching some unsuspecting motorists out.
The Met Office has warned icy conditions are likely to persist at least until Tuesday.
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Matthew Box, a meteorologist with the Met Office, said: By and large the most widespread snow is over, so through Friday night we could see some snow over high ground including the Peak District, Pennines, and through Saturday morning the Welsh mountains.
We are going to continue to see showers moving in from Scotland over the North Sea and they are going to give some flurries over the Grampians and the Highland areas too.
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Early rain is forecast across parts of Scotland and south-west England as well as parts of Wales, which is expected to ease as the day goes on.
It will be a cold-feeling day but there will be some bright sunny spells through Saturday, but showers will continue to affect many coastal areas where the wind is coming in off the sea, he said.
Untouched snow settled on walls all around the moors overnight  (Image: Matt Gilley/Plymouth Live)
But Saturday night into Sunday is likely to be very cold, with temperatures potentially dipping to minus 10C (14F) in northern Scotland.
Mr Box said: Saturday night into Sunday is going to see a relatively widespread frost where we have clearer skies, particularly across parts of England and Wales, as well as further north in Scotland.
We might see temperatures in some of the glens of Scotland approach minus 9C (15.8F) or minus 10C (14F) on Saturday night so it could be a rather sharp frost across local spots of Scotland.
South West England forecast
A band of cloud and rain will clear slowly across eastern and then western parts of the region, before clearing southwards into the Channel for around dusk. Windy with showers for Cornwall. Maximum temperature 8 °C.
A largely dry and cold night with long clear spells, leading to a touch of frost by dawn. Turning cloudier from the northeast through the early hours. Minimum temperature -2 °C.
Turning increasingly cloudy across eastern parts of the region with some rain expected across parts of Gloucestershire and Somerset. Mainly dry and sunny elsewhere. A few showers for Cornwall. Maximum temperature 9 °C.
Outlook for Monday to Wednesday
Unsettled conditions on Monday and Tuesday with cloud, lingering fog and scattered showers across the region. Drier on Wednesday with some clear spells.