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The next mobile smash hit already has 20 million registrations on Android

Jul 9, 2021

(Pocket-lint) – To say that there’s anticipation for the next game to come from the team behind mobile hit PUBG Mobile would be an understatement. PUBG: New State has already had 20 million pre-registrations on Android and now iPhone and iPad users can get in on the action – with iOS pre-registration opening in August 2021.
While that won’t be the launch date for the new game, it’s a big step forward for the new title that will be launching later in the year. 
Krafton has been teasing New State over the past few months, showing off some of the map and some of the features for the game. Set on a map called Troi, it’s a futuristic battle royale game that’s promising to deliver a better graphical and gameplay experience than anything we’ve seen before. 
Why not evolve PUBG Mobile? It seems that Krafton wanted to make a step change and the more that’s revealed, the more it feels like it wants to rival some of the more futuristic elements of Call of Duty Mobile. So far we’ve seen a range of techy elements that will be available in the game. 
The latest trailer (which you can see at the top of the page) will feed the excitement for this new title, showing off the electric cars racing around the place and some of the key locations from the new map. Of course this isn’t gameplay footage and there is that big question hanging over New State as to how different it will actually be to PUBG Mobile. 
We’re still waiting for that important release date to be confirmed, but it has been promised before the end of the year.