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‘You have to follow the protocol, you can’t be silly, so I knew by going to a red country I’d literally be in a hospital,’ TV personality says

Jul 9, 2021

Katie Price has defending travelling to a red-listed country to undergo a number of cosmetic surgery procedures.
Appearing on Good Morning Britain, the TV personality and former glamour model said she took steps to ensure her trip was safe.
I went to a red country, but at the same time Im working, Im doing my YouTube, she said.
You have to follow the protocol, you cant be silly, so I knew by going to a red country Id literally be in a hospital, I wasnt mixing with anyone else. It was literally hospital, then we flew to [an] amber [list] country, stayed in a villa in the middle of the hills away from everyone.
People arriving into the UK who have been in a red-listed country in the last 10 days must quarantine in a hotel. Anyone entering the UK from an amber-listed country must quarantine for 10 days at home or the place they are staying.
Price, who had full body liposuction in Turkey, said she would not have made the trip if she hadnt had both her coronavirus vaccines.
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She said she wanted to lose weight she had gained after breaking both her feet, and compared her decision to undergo the surgery as fixing a dent on a car.
Its like a car, you have an MoT, if you get a scratch or a dent on your car, you fix it, and thats how I feel about my body, she said.