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Social media users were infuriated by a ‘misleading’ post about the Home And Away actor.

Jul 5, 2021

Who Magazine cops heat for “misleading” Facebook post about Ray Meagher. Photo / FacebookFacebook users have piled on Who Magazine after the publication posted a “tribute” to Home And Away star Ray Meagher on his birthday, leaving fans shocked after momentarily thinking he’d died.
The magazine wrote: “The whole cast and crew love you very much”: Tributes are flowing for Home And Away’s most iconic star, Ray Meagher, along with a selfie of the actor with co-star Georgie Parker, who plays his character Alf’s on-screen daughter.
It was Meagher’s 77th birthday on Sunday.
Fans were outraged in the comments beneath the misleading post, demanding the caption be updated.
“Change the description of your post. I thought he had passed away. Misleading,” one wrote.
“Omg I thought he died. Wow. Just terrify a nation,” said another.
“Stone the flaming crows. Strewth I thought he had passed. You lot are a bunch of flaming galahs making people think that,” another joked, referencing some of Alf’s iconic lines.
“Jesus guys! Don’t give the whole of Australia a collective heart attack. PICK YOUR HEADLINES BETTER,” added one more.
Another called it a “disgusting attempt at clickbait”.
In October last year, the actor known as Summer Bay statesman Alf Stewart revealed he had undergone more heart surgery after a shock triple bypass.
The star told News Corp he had suffered “a few twinges” while doing his post-op exercise six months after his surgery.
“For me, it’s the same old message: people have got to get checked,” he said in support of a Heart Foundation fundraiser last year.
“Blokes feel like they’re hypochondriacs or wusses or something if they’ve got a bit of a twinge and tend to ignore it. Not all blokes, but a lot do and I think men are worse than women in ignoring those things. Like it’s a dreadful sign of weakness I don’t know what the rationale is, but they don’t listen to the body and you’ve got to,” he said, firmly.
“If you’re getting a bit of a niggle, then go and see your GP and he’ll send you to the right people. You might be alive instead of dead, and I think that’s a better option,” he said.
Meagher has played Alf Stewart since 1988.