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Woman living alone shares neighbour’s heartwarming lockdown gesture

Jul 4, 2021

A woman in Sydneys north has shared a a heartwarming note she received from a neighbour midway through the citys current two-week lockdown period.Sharon Snir of Willoughby took to Facebook to share the “beautiful” note, which encouraged her to reach out if she needs supplies or support during the stay at home order.
“I received this letter in my letterbox a few days ago,” Ms Snir posted to a local community Facebook page.
“Having been unwell for a week and living alone it was the sweetest gesture I could have received.”
With last year’s scenes of ridiculous panic-buying repeated around the city this lockdown, it is refreshing to see some neighbourly co-operation.
“Hey! I hope you and your family are well and safe,” the printed letter, sent by health care worker Millie, began.
“With another lockdown being announced, I just wanted to check in – I know how important staying connected to people are in times like these. I live just around the corner from you …. during the lockdown it can be really difficult for some people to get out of our house, especially our older generation.
“I’d love to help, so if you or someone close to you needs any help with getting groceries or shopping or anything else that involves leaving the house, I’d love to help.”
NSW confirmed 16 new covid-19 cases overnight, with the results raising hopes that Greater Sydney’s lockdown will lift as planned next week.
Premier Gladys Berejiklian said while it was “pleasing” to see the daily case numbers dropping, she warned that ignoring lockdown rules could lead to an unwanted rise in cases.
“We’ve seen in the last few days how easy it is for people to unintentionally do the wrong thing, or intentionally do the wrong thing, and that can result in more cases, which is something we don’t want to see,” Ms Berejiklian said.
She said the next few days would be “absolutely critical” for the state, with her warning coming after crowds were seen packing Sydney beaches and parks yesterday, the sunny day prompting many to test the boundaries of the lockdown restrictions.
This is where outbreak stands: NSW has 277 cases, Queensland has 28 cases, the Northern Territory has 10 cases, Western Australia has five cases and South Australia has six cases.