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Fans of NBC News correspondent Steve Kornacki have snapped up Gap’s khaki trousers to copy his look. Arianna Huffington dubbed the pants “Khornakis.”

Nov 13, 2020

The US election may have highlighted deep divides in the nation — but something people seemed to agree on was that “chartthrob” Steve Kornacki looked good in his Gap khaki pants.
The NBC News political correspondent wore khaki pants, a white shirt, and a striped tie every night for his election coverage.
Viewers were enamored — HuffPost founder Arianna Huffington dubbed the pants “Khornakis,” and called for fans to crowdfund a lifetime supply of khakis for Kornacki.
And according to Gap, people are keen to copy the look. 
New York Magazine identified the pants as a $60 pair from the apparel brand – and since then, sales have soared, Gap told Business Insider.
Within a day, online sales of the khaki pants rose by around 90%.
Gap also saw a “dramatic increase” in the number of people visiting its website, it added.
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Kornacki also wore the pants during his 2016 election coverage — but not the same pair, he was keen to stress.
“I’ve got a bunch of them,” he said on-air Wednesday.
As well as his pants, Kornacki became known for the green-and-navy-striped tie he wore.
But on Wednesday, the presenter revealed that the tie had been held together by staples, and had finally reached breaking point.
—Steve Kornacki (@SteveKornacki) November 11, 2020
Twitter users replied encouraging him to auction off the tie for charity.
Others said that they would frame it — or that Kornacki should give it to the Smithsonian.