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Surprising detail in Tammy Hembrow’s pantry makeover

Jul 2, 2021

With a whopping 12.6 million followers Tammy Hembrow is one of the most-followed Australian celebrities on Instagram.It’s estimated she can command upwards of $50,000 per paid Instagram post and she’s not just an influencer – she also has her own successful fashion label Saski Collection and exercise app Tammy Fit.
But the Gold Coast mum of two has surprised fans with her latest video on TikTok — a “super satisfying” pantry makeover – and one affordable detail in particular is earning her praise.
Like half the country Tammy spent most of this week in lockdown, sharing in a TikTok vlog how she decided to spend one day tidying up her pantry.
Sharing a clip of her pantry before the makeover, Tammy said: “Oh my god I can’t believe I am showing this, but this is what my pantry looks like.”
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Tammy revealed she had purchased all her new pantry products from Kmart, buying glass jars that start at just $6, wicker and clear baskets, as well as a spice jar set for $16.
“I got all these glass jars and baskets from Kmart so I decided I would spend my lockdown organising my pantry,” she said.
“I filled all the glass jars with all the basics and then I organised all the snacks into the baskets as well as the cans and baked beans.”
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After sorting the big ticket items into jars and baskets Tammy put her spices into their new jars, with the pantry’s end result seriously spectacular.
“So everything was nice and organised after I finished, it was so satisfying, oh my god I was so happy with it,” she said, but added she was “pretty exhausted” after all that work.
Tammy’s vlog has been viewed more than 269,000 times, with followers “shook” at her choice to redo her pantry with Kmart items.
“I love that you run a successful business and are loaded but you’re still humble enough to shop at Kmart and admit it,” one person wrote.
“Kmart always has the goods,” another commented.
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“I love how relatable you always are,” one commenter also wrote, while others labelled her pantry makeover “super satisfying” and “inspirational”.
Tammy also filmed herself making a chicken hotpot meal from her Tammy Fit app in the vlog, but left some fans scratching her heads over why she stuck out her tongue while cutting onions.
“Why’s your tongue out when you’re cutting the veggies lmao?” one person asked.
“Stops your eyes from watering when you chop onions,” Tammy replied.