• Sat. Oct 29th, 2022

Seasoned actress Bea Alonzo may now be a certified Kapuso but she will always be grateful for the years she spent as Kapamilya. She said so via her recent vlog titled “NEW BEGINNiNGS,” something which she described as a “love letter” to fans who have suppo…

Jul 2, 2021

Seasoned actress Bea Alonzo may now be a certified Kapuso but she will always be grateful for the years she spent as Kapamilya.
She said so via her recent vlog titled “NEW BEGINNiNGS,” something which she described as a “love letter” to fans who have supported her through the years.
In there, Bea started how 20 years ago she was just a little girl who always dreamed of becoming an actress. Though she didn’t know how it was going to happen, she knew in her heart, she’s going to achieve it.
After joining a beauty contest in Pasig, she was discovered by fashion designer Oscar Peralta and talent manager Archie Ilagan, who made her audition for ABS-CBN’s “Star Circle” Batch 10, where she got accepted along with Dennis Trillo, Alfred Vargas, and Nadine Samonte, among others.
Bea admitted it wasn’t an easy journey.
“It wasn’t a walk in the park at all. I had to be an extra first sa mga shows ng ABS-CBN,” she said, noting how she would actually hitch a ride with crew and staff going to, and from work.
She would also go around their neighborhood knocking on doors to borrow clothes.
It went on until “Kay Tagal Kitang Hinintay” where she was paired with John Lloyd Cruz.
She still had to make lots of sacrifices – from quitting school to missing birthdays, graduations, and many special events in her life and her loved ones.
Despite this, Bea declared it was all “worth” it.
“And I have ABS-CBN to thank for,” she said, getting emotional.
“For all of the opportunities they have given me, they have trusted in me,” she added.
Bea noted how her home network for two decades helped hone her talent.
“And I will never forget everything that they have done for me,” she declared. “I couldn’t have done it without the help of their most talented writers, brilliant directors, and most professional co-actors.”
“I will never forget the day when my life has changed because they trusted in me.”
She’s also thankful that through ABS-CBN, Bea was able to build a good relationship and friendships that she knows will last a lifetime.
“I have met people, good people at work — tirelessly work to provide for their families, to do good, to help people who are in need. They have helped me through the most painful episodes in my life, just like family.”
Bea said that in her 20 years in the business, she never thought she would able to touch lives just by doing what she loves to do.
“Which is to get into character, to feel for the character and give justice to the characters I am given,” she related. “Through the years, these characters have resonated with people.”
She also pointed how “very important” her fans are to her.
According to Bea, her fans give her a “sense of purpose,” “sense of community.”
Later, she talked about how some months ago, GMA 7 presented an opportunity for her.
“For many months, I have reflected on so many things about my life. I have also embraced many changes in my life,” she said. “And after many months of reflection. And now, negotiations, we have reached a decision.”
“I am an actress. I am here to create – that is my purpose, and that is my task. I owe that to my audience and no goodbyes are always painful.”
Bea maintained: “I know that this journey will lead me to a door of many opportunities, and new learning and growth. Change is always scary, but it can also be beautiful.”
At the latter part of the clip, she said the reason why she’s doing the video is that she wanted her supporters to directly hear it from her.
“Because you are important, and I owe you that much. And I am hoping that sana kasama ko pa rin kayo as I embarked on this new adventure,” she said.
“You know this decision is both exciting and terrifying for me. But if there is anything that this pandemic has taught me, it is that you only live once and life is short. You have to do things that make you feel alive — and that to me is chasing my dream and performing my purpose. So, from here and out, you will be seeing me to the Kapuso network doing shows for them and doing teleseryes for them.
“And to be honest, I am beyond excited to show you what I have to offer. To show you the other talents that I have. The other facets that I am so excited to show you because I am more open now. I think I’m growing. I feel I have learned so many things in the past year. I feel more empowered. I feel like, you know, I am ready to change. And sabi nga nila we only regret the changes that we did not take. So this is me seizing the moment, opening new doors to great opportunities. This is me. This is my reality. This is my truth. And here’s to new beginnings… And don’t forget life is beautiful.”