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Samsung highlighted the consumer benefits of its collaborations with Google and Microsoft during its Unpacked event at MWC21 Barcelona.

Jun 29, 2021

LIVE FROM MWC21 BARCELONA: Samsung highlighted the consumer benefits of its collaborations with Google and Microsoft during its Unpacked event, alongside detailing Galaxy Watch developments and its latest smartphone security capabilities.
Google and MicrosoftPatrick Chomet, corporate EVP and global head of products and experience at Samsung, noted partnerships add value for users of its devices.
He cited Android Auto as an example, with the drivers smartphone screen mirrored on the vehicle’s display enabling drivers to control connected home devices using Samsungs SmartThings app.
The app connects to Samsung tracking tags called SmartTabs.
We worked closely with Google from the beginning to deeply integrate Android into our device experience, said Chomet.
He added Samsung had worked to create a seamless experience” between its Galaxy smartphones and “Windows PC.
Galaxy Fold users can drag data between Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint, and synchronise notifications across Galaxy phones and Windows PCs, while its earbuds can automatically switch connectivity from a PC to a phone when a call comes in.
Galaxy WatchThe company detailed plans to release an upgraded model later this year, focusing on offering a consistent user experience with Android devices.
It explained its broader wearables focus include eSIM, consistent sensor technology and smaller, low-power processors which can monitor heart rate and sleep continuously without draining the battery.
Healthcare is emerging as a target market for Samsung’s wearables: earlier this month, it detailed progress on stretchable displays for the segment.
And it noted plans to integrate its Tizen platform with Google’s Wear OS will deliver better performance, longer battery life and an ecosystem of apps.
SecuritySamsung explained it is using an embedded secure element in all its Galaxy S21 smartphones to protect hardware and deter software-based attacks.
It claimed Knox Vault is more secure than PINS, passwords or biometrics, with the element comprising a separate processor and storage chip for encrypted information, and software to connect this to the processor.
Samsung noted security is an increasing concern as remote working heightened security vulnerabilities.
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