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Jun 28, 2021

Groundswell of concern over Hancock behaviour justice secretary
The justice secretary, Robert Buckland, has said ministers must use government emails after accusations former health secretary Matt Hancockused a private Gmail account.
He told Sky News: We should use government emails, I think thats very clear.
I think the Cabinet Office, if theyre asked to look at this, they probably will be, will need to satisfy themselves that if that was the case then the material is available.
Asked about Boris Johnsons delay in getting rid of the Cabinet minister, Mr Buckland said: I think there was a swirl of things going on here.
There were of course the private life matters and indeed as the hours went by it was clear there was, I think, an understandable groundswell of concern about how important it is that those who set the rules keep to them.
It took a day or so but the right outcome was achieved and it was correct for Matt Hancock to resign.