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Queen Elizabeth II was not too pleased about Charles’ previously adulterous relationship with Camilla

Jun 28, 2021

Queen Elizabeth II doesnt seem to have blind trust towards her son Prince Charles when it comes to handing over the crown to him.
According to a report by Express, the Prince of Wales marriage to his ex-girlfriend Camilla Parker Bowles led the monarch into believing that it could tarnish the monarchy.
Her Majesty was not too pleased about Charles previously adulterous relationship with Camilla and her qualms stayed alive even after they get married in 2005.
Andrew Alderson wrote a piece for The Daily Telegraph before the service, and said: “The Queen has distanced herself from the wedding of the Prince of Wales to Camilla Parker Bowles because she believes that her son is putting personal gratification before duty, royal courtiers have disclosed.
“The courtiers also say privately that the Queen is lukewarm about the marriage and is worried that it could tarnish the monarchy, he said further.
A royal courtier told the outlet: “The problems of the past week go back many years. The Queen believes that the Prince of Wales has put his own gratification and interests before duty by pursuing his relationship with Camilla, and she can never forgive that.”
Alderson went on to say: “The courtiers said yesterday that Prince Charles’s private office had been outmanoeuvred by Buckingham Palace and that Sir Robin Janvrin, the Queen’s private secretary, had tried to protect her from becoming involved in a town hall marriage which demeaned her own status.”
Another courtier told the writer: Robin is very clever. As soon as he sensed controversy, he did what he always does and wrapped the Queen in cotton wool to make sure that she didn’t get damaged by events.”