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Jun 24, 2021

Fan Marissa Cooper, 28, from LA exclusively told The Sun was able to attend the court hearing as one of a handful of lucky Free Britney protestors.
“It’s just so crazy. I love Britney, but I got into her more when I heard about the conservatorship, honestly. It’s a human rights issue,” Marissa said.
“I just think it’s insane that her team can get away with this for so long. It really shows a huge flaw in the system. It made me watch all these documentaries on guardianships and conservatorships. There’s so many people this is happening to,” the fan went on.
“Just knowing she has no human rights and she compared her situation to sex-trafficking – it’s awful,” she said. “I hope everyone now sees anybody would be crazy if they weren’t allowed to be their own person.”
Marissa said Britney’s team has an agenda.
“Of course they’re making her seem miserable and crazy. They need her to stay in line,” she said.
“Everyone in the beginning was saying, ‘As long as Jamie Spears is gone’. But it’s gone this far. Hopefully, she can just be free to be in control of her life, and they can end the conservatorship,” she added. “Hopefully, they don’t make her have an evaluation.”