• Mon. Oct 24th, 2022

Being well-hydrated is one of the best ways to recharge yourself and stay healthy . However, what makes some believe that drinking water before a vaccine injection could alter your immune response?

Jun 24, 2021

While it is established that water alone isn’t linked to immune functioning, or negates side-effects, it is still important nonetheless to have sufficient water, vaccination or no vaccination.
The counter effects of not having adequate water in a day, or dehydration, could in fact be bad for the immune system.
Although clinical studies have established that drinking water impacts antibody production or other immune responses, dehydration could be something that scientists say, may suppress your immune system and linked to many poor health behaviours, which, in the long run, could delay the production of antibodies- which is not something anybody wants to encounter right now.
In fact, some small studies have also suggested that being dehydrated could make people prone to experiencing ‘more pain’ and stress.
In a similar manner, too much drinking, or overdoing your water intake for your day could be a bad health risk as well. As long as you ensure that you get adequate fluid intake through quality foods and beverages, pre and post vaccination, you are good to go.