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The Biebers have been labelled ‘disrespectful’ for the way they dressed meeting the French President

Jun 23, 2021

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin met with the French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte, while vacationing in Paris.The 27-year-old singer posted a photo on social media with the President, 43, along with their wives, at Macron’s Élysée Palace office on Monday.
Justin stuck to a black pinstripe suit, blue Nike shoes and instead of a tie, gold chains.
As for Hailey, 24, she opted for a revealing tan crop top and pencil skirt.
Macron looked more formal wearing a gray suit with a blue tie, and Brigette, 68, looked chic in a white dress and a matching jacket.
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While the meaning for their meeting is unknown, the Biebers have been heavily criticised over the way they dressed for the occasion.
“With all the money you guys have you should’ve dressed up more classy, that’s a disrespect to that president,” one person wrote online.
“You should be more formal when you visit politicians,” another commented.
Other fans were simply puzzled as to why the Bieber’s were meeting with the politicians at all.
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“Why is Justin Bieber with the French president?” one fan asked in the comments section.
“It’s the question that every French people is asking,” someone else agreed.
Justin and Hailey, who got married in 2018, had been spotted making the rounds in Paris earlier that day.
The Grammy winner enjoyed a meal overlooking the Eiffel Tower at Carette tea room, and the model took a walk on Avenue Montaigne, E! News reported.
The couple later met up later at the Kith store and went on to have dinner at the “romantic” Dinand by Ferdi restaurant.