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The HSE CEO says unvaccinated people planning to travel abroad this summer need to carry out a “personal risk assessment”.The National Public Health Emergenc…

Jun 21, 2021

The HSE CEO says unvaccinated people planning to travel abroad this summer need to carry out a “personal risk assessment”.
The National Public Health Emergency Team says there should be no consideration to leave the country this summer for people who haven’t been fully vaccinated.
However, the Government has signed up to the EU Digital Covid Cert which allows travel for those recently recovered from the virus or have a negative PCR test.
“Fully appreciate people need a break, young people need a break. There is a personal risk assessment we all need to make,” said HSE CEO Paul Reid.
He also said the decision on policy such as allowing foreign travel rests with the Government.
Meanwhile, the HSE CEO also says people waiting for their second dose of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine will get one over the next four weeks.
He said those still waiting will hear from the HSE shortly, with second doses to be completed by mid-July.
It comes as the vaccine programme continues to expand, with registration opening to 38-year-old from today.
Mr Reid says the strong momentum will continue for the next few weeks.
He said: Last week we had most likely over 340,000 vaccines administered a really strong week.
Yesterday, the announcement of opening vaccines to those aged 39. We had 47,000 registrations already, up to this morning. Theres really strong momentum.
We will be staying above the 300,000 vaccines per week administered, and rolling out down through the stages for the next three weeks. What then happens in July, is we go back to forecasted levels, because these three weeks are a function of Pfizer, in particular, bringing forward deliveries.
He said around 66% of adults have now had one dose of a vaccine, while around 35% are fully vaccinated.
He expects that around 70% of people will have received at least one dose by the end of July, while therell also be a key focus on second doses in the coming weeks.