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Would you get your dog vaccinated against Covid-19?

Jun 8, 2021

Would you vaccinate your dog, cat or even rabbit? Well, military dogs in Russia were among the first animals to receive a Covid-19 vaccination suited to animals.
Russian scientists developed the world’s first Covid-19 vaccination for animals, which was registered in March.
Its understood Carnivac-Cov will give 100 per cent protection against the virus.
However, other experts say there is no evidence animals play a specific role in spreading Covid to humans, although Covid-19 cases have been confirmed in various animal species across the world.
Last month, Russian military dogs were among the first animals to be vaccinated just in time for the Moscow Victory Day Parade.
Russian virologist Dr Nadezhda Rakhmanina said it is the world’s first and is currently the only vaccination for animals.
“This particular vaccine is needed, first of all, in fur farming.
“Cases of mass deaths of fur-bearing animals abroad, including in Denmark, were described last year.
“In general, fur-bearing animals are susceptible to many infectious diseases of humans, they even have a susceptibility to influenza Over the past year, it has not been proven that pets can be a source of Covid-19 infection for humans.
Several regions have now started vaccinations at veterinary clinics, Russia’s veterinary watchdog, Rosselkhoznadzor, told local media last month.
Local media also mentioned the EU, Argentina South Korea and Japan are all interested in animal-specific vaccination.