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‘Significant numbers of groups of youths loitering in city, not dining or socialising’

Jun 7, 2021

Fourteen people were arrested in Dublin city centre on Sunday night as street disorder continued for a third evening in the capital.
Gardaí said an extensive, high visibility policing operation was put in place by uniformed officers supported by public order units.
Gardaí encountered significant numbers of groups of youths (teenage and younger adults) who were loitering around the city centre, not involved in outdoor dining/ socialising, a Garda statement said.
In total, 14 people were arrested for public order offences in Dublin city centre, including three juveniles who were released and referred for Juvenile Diversion Programme. Four persons received an adult caution, and seven people were charged with court proceedings to follow.
No injuries to gardaí were reported on Sunday night, however, three gardaí were reported in earlier disorder over the weekend while a passerby required hospital treatment after being injured in the disruption.
The arrests on Sunday bring to 47 the total number of arrests made over alleged public order offences across the June bank holiday.
Minister for Justice Heather Humphreys joined senior gardaí in defending how the disturbances were policed.
Gardaí used shields and batons amid clashes in the city centre. Assistant Garda Commissioner Anne Marie Cagney said gardaí had the right to protect themselves.
She blamed the violence on a cohort of like-minded young individuals, predominately teenagers, who are coming into the city and causing trouble.
Ms Humphreys said the vast majority of people were enjoying themselves responsibly outdoors and we cannot let the actions of a tiny minority intent on causing trouble overshadow that.
Monday sees the reopening of restaurants, cafes and bars for outdoor dining. Gyms, swimming pools and leisure centres can reopen for individual training only, while non-professional outdoor sports matches can take place once again. Cinemas and theatres are also allowed to reopen.
Green Party leader Eamon Ryan was one of a number of politicians who called for greater co-ordination between Dublin City Council and other parties to manage outdoor socialising.
What I think the council needs to do is have event-control teams that will work with the guards and work with local businesses, so we manage this properly, so we de-escalate it and make sure we do have an outdoor summer, Mr Ryan said.
Sinn Féin Senator Lynn Boylan said: An outdoor summer cant be just for those lucky enough to have a garden.
She argued that, closing off prominent streets only creates an oppressive atmosphere of us and them.
Ms Boylan said the Garda, Dublin City Council, Ministers and other stakeholders need to come together and urgently put together a plan for the outdoor summer that we were told to have. She added, there is absolutely no excuse for anti-social behaviour but there is also no excuse for not having a plan.