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Jun 2, 2021

MATTHEW Perry has split from fiancée Molly Hurwtiz – saying their relationship “just didn’t work out”.
The break-up comes just days after the actor “worried fans” who were concerned about his health during the recent Friends reunion.
Matthew has called off his engagement to MollyCredit: HBO
The pair became engaged in November 2020
Matthew and Molly spotted together in AprilCredit: Splash News
The Friends star, 51, and literary manager, 29, began dating in 2018 and got engaged in November 2020.
Matthew confirmed the news to PEOPLE, sharing in a statement: “Sometimes things just don’t work out and this is one of them.
“I wish Molly the best.”
Matthew got engaged to Molly in November after two years of dating.
However, last week it was reported that Molly put their wedding on hold after he “flirted with other women” while they were on a break.
Matthew said ‘sometimes things just don’t work out’Credit: The Mega Agency
The pair dated for two years before their engagementCredit: HBO
A 20-year-old recently exposed the actor for flirting with her after they matched on Raya when she was just 19 years old and he was 50.
After his dating app scandal, a source revealed to OK! magazine that Molly wanted to “take a breather”.
The news of their split comes less than a week after fans expressed their concern for Matthew when he appeared to slur his words and nodded off while filming the reunion special.
He sat down with the beloved cast of Friends for a “three question” interview with People on Wednesday, which had the group reminisce about their years as friends and co-stars.
However, fans noticed that the Canadian actor was not responding to questions with his normal sharp wit and appeared quiet and distracted.
Molly allegedly wanted to take a break after a 20-year-old claimed she spoke to the actor on RayaCredit: Uptomyknees/ GIRL STORIES SEASON 2
Fans expressed their concern when Matthew appeared out of it during a recent interviewCredit: People Magazine
Several fans took to the comments section to express their concern over Matthew, who has struggled with addiction since his time on the award-winning show.
“Seeing Matthew sad is heartbreaking,” one wrote, adding: “I hope he gets better soon, I don’t know how I’m going to enjoy the reunion when Matthew is this sad.”
“This felt so good seeing but also broke my heart seeing Matthew Perry like this,” another admitted.
Despite speculation, The Sun exclusively revealed that Matthew’s slurred speech was due to emergency dental work and not a drugs relapse.
The cast of Friends recently got together for the reunion on HBO MaxCredit: EPA
A source said: “Matthew turned up to the reunion and members of his team said that he had an emergency tooth procedure that day.
“That was said to impact his wellbeing and also how he was feeling. He had been in pain from what we understand, which caused the slurred speech.
“Obviously no one wants to film after a procedure, but it happened.
“The feeling was one of huge sympathy for Matthew especially in recent days given how people have reacted online.
“Matthew has told those around him that he is sober, and there is no need to worry.”
Fans took to Twitter to express their concern for the actorCredit: AP
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