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Netizens are claiming Neelofa and her husband had four people in one car when exiting the police station on May 24.

May 25, 2021

It seems the netizens are watching Neelofas every move these days.
They are claiming the celebrity and her husband, Muhammad Haris Mohd Ismail aka PU Riz, have breached yet another SOP.
Berita Harian reported that the netizens pointed out that Neelofa and her husband had four people in one car when they exited the premises of the Seremban police station yesterday (May 24).
The current MCO SOP only allows a maximum of three people in one car, including the driver of the vehicle.
The couple was at the Seremban police station with their lawyer on May 24 to aid in the investigation of an earlier alleged SOP breach which claimed Neelofa didnt wear a face mask underneath her niqab at a public place.
Neelofa quickly took to Twitter to issue a statement.
She started her statement with the headline that reads: My lawyer and I didnt drive back to KL in the same car.
Neelofa (@Neelofa) May 24,2021
The 32-year-old further stated that she only gave her lawyer a ride from the police station to the court, located 50m away.
My lawyers car was parked at the courts parking lot.
We didnt drive to Seremban district police headquarters in the same car.
She continued in the same post that she had informed the Seremban police of this matter.
Haris, the driver and myself were in one car during the journey back to KL, while my lawyer returned home in his own car.
She added that the police can check the CCTV to see that she had really parted ways with her lawyer at the court area.
I hope this explains the situation and clears up any misunderstanding. Thank you, she concluded.
Perhaps due to all the controversies surrounding the artiste, Neelofa lost some 100,000 followers in one day, reported Utusan Malaysia.
She previously had 8.6 million followers; today the figure is at 8.5 million followers.
Neelofa lost the favour of her followers back in 2018 as well when she launched her hijab collection at a club, and reportedly 100,000 people unfollowed her then.