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By the time we get to Battlefield 6’s official reveal, the full trailer will have leaked in its entirety.Battlefield 6 leaks are now a weekly occurrence,…

May 24, 2021

By the time we get to Battlefield 6’s official reveal, the full trailer will have leaked in its entirety.
Battlefield 6 leaks are now a weekly occurrence, and this week’s drop is very interesting. After screengrabs from what looks to be the game’s reveal trailer made their way online last week, we now return to an even bigger batch.
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On Imgur, a new album includes all of last week’s screengrabs, as well as a whole lot more. The new shots are consistent with the style and tone of the initial batch, and appear to also be captured from the same trailer.
All of the screengrabs in that album have the same black bar stricken through them, and it’s likely covering a watermark of some kind. This new set of shots also give us a hint of the styling and look of the game’s title, which appears to just be called Battlefield – though there’s the possibility one scene is missing.
It also appears that the shots were captured in sequence, because someone already put them together, giving us a very close approximation of the trailer.
Then there’s this trailer, which originated on TikTok. The video is a clever, if a little wonky, mashup of bits from various games (including past Battlefields), Unreal Engine tech demos (destruction, storm), and footage from indie shooter World War 3. It’s usually the sort of low-effort leak you’d immediately dismiss, if it wasn’t for two clips in particular.
The first appears towards the beginning, and shows what could only be actual footage from the next Battlefield. The HUD resembles that shown in the initial leak, and the squad and map layout on the left are very Battlefield. From that brief clip, we can see a five-player squad, and what seems to be a squad leader at the top. The player is seen reloading an SA80 (L86) variant, and he looks to be free-looking as they do it – which would be a new feature for Battlefield.
The second clip comes up a little towards the end, and it’s from the perspective of the robot dogs seen in the leak. EDOG273, as it’s called in-game, is shown scanning the environment, and that’s when it cuts off. Both clips have the Battlelog shortcut to the top right, though that’s neither here nor there.
The next Battlefield is being revealed in June, and we’re likely going to see even more of it at EA’s summer showcase in July. It’s coming this year to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.