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Sue Grahame, the heartbroken mum of Big Brother star Niki Grahame, has spoken about the tough final days of her daughter’s life before her death from anorexia

May 23, 2021

Nikki Grahame ‘s devastated mum has spoken of the Big Brother star’s heartbreaking final days.
Nikki, who rose to fame on the reality show in 2006, died on April 9 after being found unconscious at her home.
She’d been discharged from Dorset County Hospital in Dorchester less than a day earlier, despite her mum and dad – who sadly died just nine days after her – begging hospital staff not to let her leave.
Sue, 66, has detailed how Nikki ended up in hospital two weeks before her tragic death after she fell and fractured her lower spine while she was on the way to visit her in Dorset.
Nikki and her mum Sue (Image: Instagram)
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Speaking for the first time since Nikki’s tragic death, Sue told the Sunday Mirror : “She rang me crying and said, ‘Mum Ive had an accident in the pharmacy. Ive collapsed and fallen on my back’.
“On the first day in hospital, two doctors said her condition was life-threatening. Her weight was the lowest it had ever been since adulthood.”
Nikki was discharged from hospital on April 8 despite Sue begging doctors not to discharge her.
Sue pleaded to go home with Nikki, but the reality star said she wanted to spend some time alone at her flat in Stanmore, Harrow.
“There was no point arguing,” Sue said. “She knew her own mind. I said, ‘I cant fix you, Nikki. Ive tried and tried. You need round-the-clock care’.
“She told me she would be OK and was going to a recovery clinic in London on the Monday. I had to stay open-minded. I didnt know shed die.”
Nikki tragically died after battling anorexia (Image: PA)
Nikki and Sue spoke on the phone a few times after she got home, with their last call at 3.30am.
Sue explained: “It wasnt unusual for her to call in the early hours and she was happy as shed just had a frame delivered to help her walk.
“She told me, ‘I promise you, I wont ever let my body get in this state again. Mum, Im so tired’.
“I said, ‘You go now, sleep now’. She said, ‘Night, night’. And that was it.”
Later that morning, Sue tried to call Nikki again but didn’t get an answer.
Becoming worried, she contacted a friend who had keys for Nikki’s flat.
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Sue begged doctors not to discharge Nikki (Image: Alpha-Adam Davies)
They went round to check on her and found her unconscious and called an ambulance.
But sadly it was too late to save Nikki.
Sue, who used to work as a care home support worker, was already on a train to London by that point, but during the journey, got the call she’d been dreading.
Sue said: “It was Nikkis friend. She said, ‘Shes gone’. I said, ‘Shes gone?’ And she replied, ‘Shes died’.
“It was 4.30pm. I was on this train and hyperventilating. I was in such a state.
“I got to the guard, Leslie, and told him, ‘I need some help. My daughter just died’. He took me to first class and rang my other daughter, Natalie.
“He made sure another man called James got me on the connecting train from Salisbury to Waterloo and arranged a taxi at the other end.
Nikki was 38 when she died (Image: WireImage)
“That day, he was my saviour. I dont know how I would have done that journey without his kindness.”
After arriving at Nikkis flat, Sue spent a final few precious moments with her daughter.
She said: “I cuddled her and kissed her little mouth.
“Because of her OCD, she didnt like me kissing her when she was alive.
“Then, as her body was being taken away, I stroked her hair and cut some of it, for us to have something to cherish of her.”
Dorset County Hospital has launched an internal investigation after Nikki’s death. Her cause of death was confirmed as anorexia nervosa. She was 38.
* For help and support on eating disorders contact Beat Eating Disorders on 0808 801 0677.