• Sat. Oct 29th, 2022

Spotify is launching virtual concerts to keep fans connected and artists paid from the concerts they’ve had cancelled.

May 20, 2021

This past year, artists have been devastated by the mass cancellation of their concerts, as these events have become the main source of revenue for artists in the streaming age. To counterbalance this, Spotify has launched virtual concert experiences, which take the form of livestreams. The service will not be included in a Spotify subscription and will require paid tickets to attend. 
While some parts of the world are beginning to open up, Spotify says it recognises not everyone is comfortable with or able to attend in-person events just yet. These shows will allow fans to experience and support their favorite artists while immersing themselves in a performance-style experience they crave. 
Throughout the next month, Spotify will give fans access to five intimate, ticketed performances in partnership with producer Driift. The concerts will be staggered across time zones so fans across the world can tune in at a time thats convenient for them the majority of concerts will take place in the late evening in local time zones, like many in person concerts do.
Spotify is kicking off with five prerecorded livestreams: 

  • 27 May: The Black Keys will be coming to fans from one of their favorite juke joints, Blue Front Café in Mississippi.
  • 3 June: RagnBone Man will be playing at one of his beloved venues, the Roundhouse in London, where fans will virtually join him for an intimate performance. 
  • 10 June: Bleachers Jack Antonoff will take fans on a journey from Brooklyn, NY, to Asbury Park, NJall while on a city bus. 
  • 17 June: Leon Bridges fans will hear songs from across his catalog as they get an inside look into the meaningful spaces at the Gold-Diggers Hotel, where Leon spent time writing, recording, and being inspired for his upcoming July album, Gold-Diggers Sound.
  • 24 June: girl in reds Oslo-based performance will bring fans into a world in red (and a world of rock) with lights and video filters. 

Fans can get expect 40-75-minute concerts where artists will perform songsboth new or classics. Tickets available here. 
Im excited to collaborate with Spotify on this intimate concert experience that will feature songs from across my catalog, including a few tunes from my new album, Gold-Diggers Sound, says Leon Bridges. Ive truly missed seeing my fans around the world this year, and we are working hard to bring the concert experience to your home, thanks to Spotify.
Since the performance alerts are personalised to listeners, some users will get notifications about the concerts. Fans of The Black Keys, for example, will start to receive notifications on 19 May for the performance taking place on 27 May. 
We have always been a band that loves to play live in venues of all shapes and sizes, says The Black Keys. The past year has been tough for musicians and fans alike, so we wanted to find a way to share this live performance of songs from our new project, Delta Kream, from a place we love, the Blue Front Café, the oldest active juke joint in America. Were excited to be a part of this new initiative with Spotify that will give fans a great way to connect with their favorite artists.
Anyone can purchase a ticket for $15 (plus tax) or the local currency equivalent at spotify.live. Those who dont already have a Spotify account can buy a ticket by signing up for a free account.
Visit spotify.live to purchase tickets and learn more.