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May 15, 2021

EMMERDALES Eric Pollard will cruelly mock Liv Flahertys alcoholism ordeal next week as the feud between him and the Dingles explodes.
The antiques dealer – who is played by actor Chris Chittell in the ITV soap – has been left terrified after seemingly catching Aaron trying to burgle him.

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Eric Pollard sinks to a new low next week by mocking Liv’s alcoholismCredit: ITV
Viewers know Aaron was actually returning a broach stolen by Mackenzie Boyd, but Eric had no idea.
He caught Aaron and attacked him with a cricket bat.
It has led Eric to believe that Aaron was putting the broach back for his grandmother Faith – Erics ex – and sparked a huge feud between the Dingles and Eric.
Now next week Eric will stoop to a new low and mock Aarons sister Livs battle with her alcoholism.
Chas defends her family against the barrage from EricCredit: ITV
Liv relapsed over the guilt of letting Paul Ashdale dieCredit: ITV
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She recently fell off the wagon after a traumatic experience – but Eric doesnt care.
In a spoiler clip from the soap, he is told of whats happening to Liv and decides to mock her.
Another one off the rails, eh? he said to Aarons mum Chas.
Id have a drink problem if I lived with Aaron. Oh yes of course, Id forgotten – you lot lie about everything. 
I cant go home. I wont feel safe in there until her thug of a son is locked up.
Aaron and Liv are talk about her drinking problem on Emmerdale
He was on my property, he got what he deserved.
As the police pulled up and asked what was going on, Eric claimed Chas was harbouring a dangerous criminal.
But Eric was in for a shock when the officer revealed he was there to see him – and was ready to arrest him.