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A Dunedin supermarket manager who was stabbed when he stepped in to help a colleague being attacked was just days away from leaving the job.

May 13, 2021

A hero manager who stepped in to try to stop a colleague being attacked by a man with a knife was meant to finish at the supermarket this week.
The 45-year-old grocery manager had worked at the Countdown in central Dunedin for around 15 years, but Stuff understands his last day was meant to be Friday.
The store, which had been closed since Mondays attack, reopened on Thursday afternoon.
The in-house pharmacy, near where the attack took place, remains shut until Monday.
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Senior police officers help a critically injured supermarket manager into an ambulance following Mondays attack.
It is understood the grocery manager was working his final week at the store when he sustained critical injuries in a frenzied stabbing attack, allegedly carried out by a 42-year-old man who is now facing four charges of attempted murder.
The grocery manager is understood to have himself suffered knife wounds when he went to the aid of a female colleague who was stabbed in the back by an assailant.
Footage shows him being taken to an ambulance by a paramedic and senior police officers, his hand bloodied and one side of his body heavily bandaged.
The injured man was heard to ask a bystander if he could find his phone so he could message his family.
He and the other three victims another supermarket worker and two customers remain in Dunedin Hospital.
Two are in a serious but stable condition, the others in a moderate condition.
Among them are a married couple, a Corrections Officer at Otago Corrections Facility and his wife, believed to be a Customs employee, who were shopping at the time.
It is believed the man was stabbed in the neck, while his wife was stabbed in the back.
Emergency services outside Countdown supermarket in Dunedin after Mondays attack.
The incident took place outside a pharmacy inside the supermarket.
The store was blessed by kaumtua Hata Temo on Wednesday morning, alongside staff and police.
Security guards were stationed inside and outside the re-opened supermarket on Thursday afternoon.