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The upgrades will include a floating staircase and a remaking of the track to the summit.

May 10, 2021

The Tpuna Maunga Authority (TMA) has announced significant track upgrades will begin on Te Pane o Mataoho /Te Ara Pueru, Mngere Mountain.
It said work begins in the week of May 17 and will take around five months to complete.
Major changes will include a floating staircase on the northern descent from the summit, an area which has been prone to erosion from foot traffic.
The main track to the summit will be recreated, with rest areas to be added at key points.
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A major redevelopment of the Mngere Mountain playground is also planned and is in the design phase, which is estimated to cost $1 million.
Tupuna Maunga Authority/Supplied
Track upgrades to Te Pane o Mataoho /Te Ara Pueru, Mngere Mountain, will include a new floating staircase and a remake of the track to the summit.
TMA said there will be an emphasis on low-impact and sustainable design that doesnt detract from the natural features of the maunga.
It also said innovative construction techniques will protect the cultural and heritage values.
Paul Majurey, chair of the Tpuna Maunga Authority says the upgrades give effect to the cultural, natural and recreational values of the maunga.
From a cultural perspective, restoring damaged parts of the track network and protecting these sensitive features is one step towards enhancing the mauri and wairua of the maunga. From a natural heritage perspective, the work is a vital move towards reducing erosion of the landscape.
Firefighters tackle a suspicious fire, which tore through 1.6 hectares of south Auckland’s Mngere Mountain. Video first published December 2019.
Majurey said the network of maunga in Auckland are on a tentative list for UNESCO World Heritage status, another good reason he said to invest in changes that will protect and preserve the maunga.
He added that grazing and visitors have over the years created informal trails that scarred the maunga and contributed to erosion. He urges people to stop the use of informal trails and to respect the landscape by keeping to the main track.
Te Pane o Mataoho/Te Ara Pueru, Mngere Mountain, was one of the largest and most important p in Auckland and is one of the most well-preserved fortifications of its type in the world.
Features of the original p, including tpapa (terraces), midden (shell deposits) and rua (pits), survive to this day and are either on or very near the walking tracks.
The TMA said grazing stock were removed from the maunga in recent years in a bid to prevent further damage to these features, and the track improvements are the next step.
CORRECTION:An earlier version of this story said the track upgrade had an estimated budget of $1million. That budget is for the planned playground. (Amended May 10, 2021, 8.33pm.)