• Sat. Oct 29th, 2022

Counting in more than half of Scotland’s parliamentary constituencies begins on Friday – and you can get all the results right here in our live blog.

May 7, 2021

Humza Yousaf, Scotlands Justice Secretary and a candidate for the Glasgow Pollok constituency, has arrived at the election count in the citys Emirates Arena.
Speaking to reporters, the SNP candidate said the last six weeks had been a campaign like no other.
He said: Weve only been able to knock doors for the last three weeks, normally we would have done months and months of canvassing.
So really strange in that respect, difficult to get a feel on the doors because of that lack of data coming back.
He said there has been high turnout at many polling stations in his constituency and around the country.
Saying the SNP were feeling buoyant, Mr Yousaf said: There is people who will take a high turnout as a positive sign for them, but I suspect every party will say that.
He added: I think the SNPs going to have a good night, but I think other parties also I can see theres an uptick in their vote too.