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Alex Ekubo, di popular Nigerian actor and model fit soon comot bachelor market e announce im proposal to im girlfriend.

May 3, 2021

Wia dis foto come from, Alexxekubo/Fancyacholonu
Alex Ekubo, di popular Nigerian actor and model fit soon comot bachelor market as e announce im proposal to im girlfriend.
Di 35-year-old former Mr Nigeria runner-up, wey style im first name as Alexx, post foto of im and im fiancée ontop im Instagram account on Monday.
E write “I ask di love of my life @fancyacholonu to marry me” come nack heart and engagement ring emoji dia for di message.
Alexx fiancé, wey her name na Fancy Acholonu, come post di same foto ontop her own personal account, wia she reply: “…& I tok YES to di love of my life.”
Within 1 hour Ms Acholonu post don get 12,000 likes. But dis no compare to di 62,000 likes wey Alexx similar post collect within di same period.
Fans don begin send dia wishes and congratulations to di couple wey don dey date for at least five years.
For 2019, Alexx cut short im vacation wit Acholonu wey dem dey Hawaii for, so as to return to Nigeria to vote inside di general elections.
Di way Alexx bin like to dey do play-play video ontop social media don make some of pipo wonder weda di whole ‘engagement’ announcement na joke.
Anita Asuoha wey dey use @realwarripikin use joke write comment ontop Alexx post say “but chief I kuku suspect dis post.”
Her full name na Chigozie Fancy Acholonu and tori be say na for Los Angeles, United States dem born am.
Her parents na Nigerians from di Igbo tribe and even though dem raise her Nigeria, she do her tertiary education abroad.
She graduate from Los Angeles City College wia she gain BSc. for Business Administration and Management for 2012.
Acholonu biography ontop Instagram show say she bi oga of three companies, of which one of dem dey sell luxury jewellery.
Like her fiancé Alexx, she sef na actress and model.
E train as lawyer for di University of Calabar, but na inside acting Alexx really shine and later see fame.
Alexx win best supporting actor for di 2013 Best of Nollywood Awards ontop im role inside di feem Weekend Getaway.
Although im first major role as actor na Ladies Men.
Di actor dey popular wit young Nigerians. Im followers on Instagram alone reach 3.9m