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Returnal Crashing on PS5 reason seems to be an issue with the platform and not the game itself. Read on to know more about these issues.

May 3, 2021

Returnal is based on the journey of an astronaut called Selene, who has crash-landed on a Shape-Shifting planet. Players have to play through this journey and survive through multiple environments and enemies to successfully reach the end. This deep and dark story will help the players learn how to overcome a planet that is living and changing every moment. Many players have been wondering about Returnal crashing on PS5.
Players from all around the world are reporting issues with Returnal on PS5. Returnal is an ambitious game that has just been released, apart from having Day one bugs, the game also puts a heavy load on the console. Returnal gameplay requires the players to survive on a Shape-Shifting planet, traverse through various points and kill never-ending enemies. The game has just been released and no game is perfect on day one. Returnal issues have been causing a hindrance for players mostly on the PS5 platform.
Housemarque, the developer of Returnal has observed and understood these issues with Returnal gameplay. The developers have enlisted all the problems that are being faced on the platform by the game and have promised to take care of them promptly. Check out the Returnal issues on PS5 below:

  • The game does not have a save option: The game team is aware of the issue. Theres no need to bring it to our attention anymore.
  • Not able to interact with the fabricators and not able to pass through doors: If the players are using a pre-order suit. Enter the pause menu and select Restart your run. Select the plain Selene suit in the spaceship. (The players run will be aborted, but any permanent progress and weapon upgrade progress is kept.)
  • Audio issues: Audio may be too loud or cut off completely.
  • Barnacles not appearing visually: Invisible barnacles may stalk the map and suck the player up, even though the player cant see them.
  • After remapping controls, some interactions may not work: Custom control mapping may prevent the player from reading items in the house, cleansing chests, or other interactions. To fix the issue (for now), use default controller settings.
  • Crashing: The game has been crashing constantly and the developers have stated that the issue lies within the platform and not the game. They have sent the report to Sony and hope the issue to be resolved through the next firmware update. 

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