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Apr 30, 2021

Three brothers from County Offaly charged with trespassing on land at Little Island in Cork were released on bail on condition that they would move their caravans from the area and not park them elsewhere in the environs.The three defendants who are aged around 40 were arrested and brought before Cork District Court.Shane Collins-Daly solicitor said the State was willing to release the three accused on bail on conditions. However, he said that one of the conditions was not accepted by the defendants.
The condition with which they had a problem was to return to County Offaly and to liaise with the office dealing with housing in the area.
The other two conditions with which they did not have a problem was to vacate lands at Wallingstown, Little Island, and to remove caravans and other property, and secondly, to give an undertaking not to park their caravans and any of their property at public or private lands at Little Island or its environs.
Judge Olann Kelleher agreed that the condition in relation to going to Offaly was problematic. He said there could be conditions requiring them to leave Little Island and so forth but they could not be directed to go to just one place in Ireland.
After a brief adjournment, Sergeant Pat Lyons said the prosecution would be satisfied with the conditions to leave Little Island and not to park elsewhere in its environs.
The cases against the three men Hugh, Martin and John Doyle from County Offaly was then adjourned until May 13 to allow time for a copy of prosecution evidence to be given to the defence.
Each defendant faces a charge of trespassing on April 29 at Wallingstown, Little Island, County Cork, contrary to Section 19 of the Housing (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2002.