• Sat. Oct 29th, 2022

Exclusive interview: Former Spurs and United striker on why Sunday’s cup final creates a similar crossroads for Kane as it did him in 2008

Apr 23, 2021

Despite the disruption he caused in his final weeks at Spurs, Berbatov would not change the path he chose to earn a move to United, where he won two Premier League titles, the League Cup, the Club World Cup and was a Champions League runner-up.
Asked whether, like him, winning one medal could actually make it harder for Tottenham to keep Kane, Berbatov, who is a Betfair ambassador, replies: In a way yes, because in football, unfortunately or not, you have the really big clubs who the majority of the time are winning more of the trophies.
Thats why you start questioning yourself, what happens if I stay here and I didnt win anything, like in the case of Spurs because if Id stayed there, obviously I was not going to win anything else in the end. 
So thats what makes it so tough because this is the decision you need to take and in the process you are going to hurt people, disappoint people and make them angry, but the ones who truly understand football will understand in the end. 
In the case of Harry Kane, if Spurs win that cup final, again they will be faced with major problems. But, unlike me, he is English, he is a Spurs legend in my opinion, England legend, captain, so, hopefully, if they win that trophy, that can be a major step to winning more and not wait another 10 or 13 years for something else because by that time has passed, Harry Kanes career will be over. 
For me, personally, I think, Harry Kane, what a great player, best striker in the world, what did he win in his career? Zero. That would be a shame if it doesnt change and thats why I hope if Spurs win that trophy its going to be a major step towards winning stuff, but its not easy.