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Discover global reads: Amazon is offering a list of 10 free e-books to download for World Book Day

Apr 23, 2021

In commemoration of World Book Day, Amazon is giving away 10 free e-books. So if you are a Kindle user, head on over here to add some new international titles to your collection of e-books.
This selection of 10 span several genres and authors from different countries, including Brazil, China, Japan, Germany, Madagascar and the Netherlands.
There is a childrens book, a memoir on love and surviving 1980s Afghanistan, a novel on the devastation of war, and a collection of love stories, among others.
The free download is available until April 25 (3pm).
Here is a look at a few highlights:
Some Days by Maria Wernicke, translated by Lawrence Schimel
In this moving tale of losing a loved one, a little girl tells her mother about a passageway she finds in the yard, a place where it is safe and never cold. This is where she can be together again with the person she misses dearly. But sometimes this passageway isnt there, and on those days, she feels lost and scared. Wernicke, who wrote and illustrated this book, is a 2020 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award nominee.
The Broken Circle: A Memoir Of Escaping Afghanistan by Enjeela Ahmadi-Miller
When her mother left for medical treatment in India and never returned, the young girl and her siblings had to learn how to fend for themselves in a world that has turned upside down. Before the Soviet invasion in 1980, her hometown of Kabul was peaceful and prosperous. But as the civil war intensified and the tanks moved in, the family knew they must leave this place to seek safety and solace elsewhere.
The Strange Journey of Alice Pendelbury by Marc Levy, translated by Chris Murray
A mysterious fortune-teller tells Alice that she can only meet the most important person in her life if she travels to Turkey. Should she go? Her neighbour has agreed to finance her trip but the adventure that lies ahead is more than a vacation. It is here that Alice will find out that nothing in her life is real and her past was all a lie. Translated from French, this book was previously published as Létrange voyage de Monsieur Daldry.
A Single Swallow by Zhang Ling, translated by Shelly Bryant
Three men – a medical doctor, a gunners mate in the navy and an officer – make a pact to return to this Chinese village every year, to commemorate their fighting in the war. Through their eyes, we listen to their stories about human relationships, the adversities of war and how love prevails through it all. All three men have fond memories of the beautiful Ah Yan, whose name means “Swallow” in Chinese. Just as she had in the past, she now brings them hope and redemption in a time where there seems to be none.