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Tim C Inzana is willing to stay there for up to 10 years, if the price is right.

Apr 13, 2021

A man has spent more than 100 days locked in a shed and livestreaming himself 24/7 as part of a unique project that he hopes could be a money-spinner.
Tim C Inzana has spent the first 109 days of 2021 in isolation inside an empty room. He says he’s more than happy to spend the next five or 10 years doing the same, while creating art work.
Thirty-four-year-old Inzana says he hopes to sell his livestream in a custom frame as an unusual piece of artwork.
But if you fancy your very own 24/7 livestreamed dude hanging on your wall, you’ll need to dig deep because he’s hoping to pull in at least $5 million (£3.6m) for the piece.
Credit: twitch.tv/stumblrtv
For now, he’s been livestreaming for free on Twitch to show potential buyers he’s serious, but should anyone be interested in keeping inside on a longer-term basis, he’s offering five years for $5m and 10 years for $10m (£7.3m).
Inzana says 20 people can purchase the $5m frames but it’ll just be one lucky buyer who gets their hands on the 10-year option.
However, he’s also offered a further option and says if he gets 7,000 subscribers on his Twitch channel, he’ll pull back on the offers above and keep his stream running for up to five years as long as his subscriber count doesn’t drop below 7,000.
Speaking to Insider, Inzana said: “I had a bug for livestreaming before Twitch ever came out, before YouTube Live, or Instagram Live.”
He added that it’s ‘basically the opposite of what has happened, where we pick and choose these moments from our lives and create a narrative’.
Credit: twitch.tv/stumblrtv
As part of his livestreams, Inzana does Q&A sessions where his subscribers can ask him any burning questions they may have.
Inzana says his friends and family support his unusual decision and his fiancée is even on hand to bring him essential groceries, which are passed through a window.
He added: “I don’t know exactly what I’m doing, to be honest.
“There’s elements of me just following hunches and wanting to make the world a better place.”
You can check out Inzana’s Twitch stream here.