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Exclusive: Molly Martens spent the entirety of the almost $200,000 she earned from the sale of the house she killed her husband Jason Corbett in

Apr 9, 2021

Released killer Molly Martens is said to be broke after spending all the money she received from the sale of the house where she murdered Jason Corbett on her bid for freedom.
The Irish Mirror has learned that Molly, who was released from prison after four years on Wednesday, spent the entirety of the almost $200,000 she garnered from the sale of the house-of-horrors on her eventually successful bid for freedom.
But even that was not enough money to cover Mollys expensive legal bills, with her family claiming that her father and mother spent their retirement money and their lifes savings on getting them out.
Today we can also reveal how Molly and her family had a celebratory outdoor meal when they walked free from prison on bail on Wednesday.
And how Mollys brother has offered to give her his old car as a welcome home gift, while the pair await a retrial that likely wont happen until at least 2022.
Killers Molly and Thomas Martens
In an exclusive interview, Mollys uncle Mike Earnest said his niece, who now faces the prospect of a retrial next year, no longer has a penny to her name.
He claimed Molly spent the entirety of the proceeds of the sale of 160 Panther Creek Court in Winston-Salem, North Carolina the home where she killed her husband, Limerick dad-of-two Jason Corbett, in August 2015.
Whatever Molly earned from the sale of the house, much of that, if not all of that, went towards legal expenses for Molly. Molly doesnt have anything (now), Mr Earnest said.
I think whatever amount Molly may have received from the house, I think virtually all of that went to legal expenses.
If she has some funds [now], Im not aware of it, he said.
Molly Martens is released on bail from prison in the US
And he spoke about how the remaining expenses, which have been numerous and included the $200,000 bail they had to pay this week, came from Mollys parents’ lifelong savings.
The vast majority of the legal expenses have been borne by my sister and Tom and their savings and what they had put away for their retirement, he said.
It is understood that after a year-long wait in 2019 Molly finally received half the proceeds of the $349,900 that the home she and Mr Corbett lived in and where she and her father battered him to death in August 2015.
Agent Mays Gibson Real Estate originally pitched the house as a place where one could vacation at home in the Meadowlands Golf Community with pool and tennis and priced it at $396,800.
But after months of no-one bidding for the house-of-horrors, it re-entered the market at a price $46,000 cheaper and sold in early 2018.
Meanwhile, the other half of the proceeds went to the estate of Mr Corbett which is in the names of his two children Jack and Sarah.
But it re-entered the market at a new price of just $349,900 ( 297,941) – a drop of $46,000 from its original price.
Molly Martens and Thomas Martens (Image: Donnie Roberts/The Dispatch)
Mr Earnest also revealed how after leaving the courthouse on Wednesday afternoon, the freed-killers met with their extended family and enjoyed a celebratory meal at an outdoor roadside diner.
We met with the family afterwards and had a meal,” he said. I would say it was more of a joyous meal. Its been 44 months. Sharon, my sister had not seen Tom at all for over a year. So it was just a very joyous occasion.
It was just an outdoor venue that we managed to find and they needed to get home and we needed to go the other way so it was just a moment to bask in and to be very gratified and feel blessed in the moment.”
Mr Earnest says his niece and brother-in-law spent their first night at home in Knoxville Tennessee, in what was probably their first full nights sleep in years.
I think they all had a good nights sleep last night, he said.
Molly Martens’ uncle, Mike Earnest
I think they have no immediate plans now other than to just breathe maybe and feel blessed in the moment and gratified for the long journey thats brought them to this point.”
When asked about the impending retrial, he said: They are probably not thinking for a while about what comes next.”
Meanwhile, Mollys brother Connor Martens has offered to give his old car to her as a welcome home gift.
In a social media post, he shared a picture of the red Mazda and wrote: In lieu of recent family news, I decided to give my sister my car and get a ‘new’ truck.
While the Martens enjoy their newfound freedom, Davidson County District Attorney Garry Frank is now mounting the case for a retrial of the pair.
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In an interview earlier this week, Mr Frank said he would try the case again to the best of my ability.
“They stand charged with second-degree murder and it will be tried to the best of my ability.
Its scheduled now for trial. Theres a million things that could happen in the interim but right now its the exact same position and with the same consideration as immediately after they were indicted four years ago, he told us.
It is understood the Martens have been offered a plea deal which could see them accepting a manslaughter charge to ultimately avoid a retrial.
For now however neither the Martens nor Mr Frank will confirm the existence of that plea deal.
If that does not happen, it is expected that a retrial may not take place until at least 2022 due to delays due to Covid-19, coupled with the evidence and witnesses needed.
However, Mr Frank said he stands by the work of his office and the fact that the evidence is there to prosecute the pair for the murder of Mr Corbett.
Jason Corbett and Molly Martens
He said: You could judge what I think of the case and the facts based on the past performance of my office.
We sent to the grand jury voluntary manslaughter and second-degree murder.
They were indited on both and on the eve of trial we dismissed the voluntary manslaughter and went forward with second-degree murder.
So, its not really subject to debate as to whether we believe we could possibly convict them of second-degree murder.”
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In a statement released after the pair got out of jail on Wednesday, Tracey Corbett-Lynch, the sister of Mr Corbett, welcomed the retrial.
We welcome todays decision by Garry Frank, the District Attorney for Davidson County, to seek a retrial of Tom and Molly Martens for the murder of Jason Corbett, a loving, kind, father of two who was beaten to death in his own home.
“We look forward to a date being set for a retrial at the earliest opportunity, she said.
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