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Apr 6, 2021

Niamh Mulreany, 25 of Scarlett Row, Dublin and Kirstie McGrath, 30, from Rialto allegedly refused to enter into mandatory hotel quarantine and were subsequently arrested for breaches to the Health Act last Friday. They had gone to Dubai for medical consultation.Ms Mulreanys mother, speaking on behalf of the friends, has confirmed that both girls received an additional Covid-19 PCR test, after testing negative to a previous three and an antibody exam, when they entered the womens prison on Saturday night.
Niamh Mulreany at Tallaght District Court on Saturday. Picture: Paddy Cummins/IrishPhotodesk.ie
Their daughters test results have not yet been received by her but Ms McGrath has tested positive and Ms Mulreany is being treated as a close contact.
It is understood that up to seven gardaí considered to be close contacts of the women are now having to self-isolate.
The High Court on Sunday made orders allowing Ms Mulreany, a mother of one and Ms McGrath, a mother of two to leave prison and continue to quarantine at a designated hotel.
The judge also declined the womens application to be allowed quarantine at their respective homes instead of the hotel so they could be re-united with their children.
Ms Mulreanys mother Sabrina, who is a frontline worker said: Niamh and Kirstie are being made examples of, its as simple as that and the question has to be asked why? When those girls got onto the plane in Dubai they did not have Covid-19. The girls left Ireland on the morning of March 24 and the new rules on quarantining did not come in until March 26, two days later so why is this happening?
These two girls are not statistics and what is happening is having an awful affect on them. 
Ms Mulreany added the friends are being treated worse than animals this is a complete circus”.
The girls have done nothing wrong. They didnt break any rules and followed all guidance. Why are they being made examples of and why not those who gave vaccines to people who were not yet entitled to them?” she said.
They checked with the airline they were travelling to Dubai with and Government authorities as to what guidelines they had to follow. They were told they were allowed to travel as long as they had negative PCR tests and medical documentation explaining why they were leaving the country. They followed all the guidelines they were told to do.
Both girls are suffering psychologically, as we all are.