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Fortnite recently incorporated the new Chicken Wing It emote to engage with its younger fan base.

Mar 20, 2021

Fortnite recently incorporated the new Chicken Wing It emote to engage with its younger fan base. Released within the last few hours, the new emote features a viral TikTok dance with iconic moves that have captivated audiences of all ages.
However, this particular emote is directed towards the younger demographic, who will instantly recognize this wholesome song. However, it may surprise players to learn that the origin of this emote goes back several years.
Fortnite Season 6 players have received various new weapons and map locations this week. However, Epic Games continues to surprise players with these pop culture references.
While players are no strangers to the concept, it is always interesting to see which pop culture piece gets added to the game.
Hello everyone! I hate that I woke up this late. Also did Epic seriously just give us a Chicken Wing Tik Tok emote?! I’ve heard that song so many times and I can’t believe it’s in the game Anyways how are you all doing?
MrFounderz (@MFounderz) March 20, 2021
The Chicken Wing It emote instantly gained the attention of younger Fortnite players as tweets poured in from them about this surprise addition. However, those who owned a Nintendo DSi in 2013 might recognize the lyrics heard in this emote.
The Nintendo DSi featured an app called Flipnote Studios that allowed users to create digitally animated short films. Creators would draw clips frame by frame and bring them to life. It was here that the lyrics to the Chicken Wing It emote were born.
The video above was published on YouTube nearly eight years ago by a user called Fred Blankenburg. He was the first one to publish the lyrics.
The emote’s music comes from a 2019 hip-hop track titled “Lottery (Renegade)” released by Atlanta-based rapped K Camp. The official music video for the track currently has over four million views on YouTube. Needless to say, this track blew up with the TikTok dance.
The viral sensation combines dance moves by professional dancer lexibb69, who publisher her initial video on TikTok, over K Camp’s music. The result was instant internet fame.
The Chicken Wing It emote combines the words from Blankenburg’s original video with lexibb69 dance moves over K Camp’s music. It’s a deep cut of social media trends.
Dancer Celebrates being Featured in Fortnite Chicken Wing It emote {Image via lexibb69 on TikTok}
Fortnite loopers who regularly visit the item shop, as well as those who stay up to date with the Seasons, may have already recognized the close connection forming between Fortnite and TikTok.
Chicken Wing It is not the first TikTok emote to hit the Fortnite item shop. Other trend-turned-emotes include Pull Up and Savage.
The video below shows the Fortnite emotes on the right paired with the TikTok stars who popularized the trends.
While some Fortnite Season 6 players will purchase these emotes purely because they enjoy dancing skins and sound bites, others may have a collector’s mindset while spending V-Bucks.
Most Fortnite Season 6 players come to the game’s item shop hunting for the best skins and loot. However, other players are specifically looking for trendy TikTok dances that have turned into cool emotes.
One thing is for sure. Players can expect to hear the Chicken Wing It emote music often in Fortnite this season.