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Mar 19, 2021

University College Dublins Students Union has called for an investigation into UCD School of Medicines Professor Dolores Cahill for gross misconduct. Conor Anderson, President of UCD Students Union said Prof Cahill, who chairs the far-right Irish Freedom Party, has propagated a number of medically-inaccurate conspiracy theories in service of a far-right political agenda throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. He said she is not an expert in virology, epidemiology, or public health.Mr Anderson said he has written to the head of the UCD School of Medicine and the head of UCD Human Resources to request that Prof Cahill be investigated under Statute 28 of the Universities Act 1997 which defines gross misconduct, in part, as deliberate disregard for health and safety precautions likely to endanger another person. 
The university has sought to distance itself from comments made by Prof Cahill at an anti-lockdown event organised by her party in Dublin on St Patricks Day.
Using peoples fears and frustrations to peddle misinformation is shameful.
UCD Students Union totally condemns Prof. Cahills comments. https://t.co/ufKnLiYBC5
— UCD Students’ Union (@UCDSU) March 17, 2021
At the event, Prof Cahill told the crowd the wearing of masks would mean that children would “never reach their IQ and job potential because their brains are starved of oxygen, adding that the reason globalists are putting down the masks is due to the fact oxygen-deprived people are easier to manipulate.
Mr Anderson said it was unfortunate that her words were far-reaching and said many people have justifiably been duped into believing she is an expert in the field due to her links to the UCD School of Medicine.
It is of the utmost importance that we as a University explain to the public that Prof Cahill has no expertise in the area of public health or virology, and we do have qualified experts in this area in UCD 
Dolores Cahill does not have the expertise to inform you on Covid-19 and is merely telling you her political ideas and none of it is based on scientific research by the UCD School of Medicine.”
UCD have confirmed Prof Cahill is not currently lecturing in UCDs School of Medicine.
Last year, 133 students signed a letter calling for action from UCD when Ms Cahill appeared in a video on Covid-19, in which she made a number of inaccurate claims.
Students said the failure of the university to disavow Prof Cahills statements had acted as a silent endorsement of her views.