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Both the recordings were made using the rover’s SuperCam.

Mar 13, 2021

In the month of February, NASA took one giant leap for the exploration of the red planet.
The space agency released the first-of-its-kind audio and video recording from the Perseverence Rover that landed on Mars on February 18.
The space agency’s six-wheeled robot device completed its groundbreaking 470,000,000 km voyage from Earth that started seven months ago.NASA shared some incredible footage of the moment the Perseverance landed on the Red Planet. The recording was of a faint crackling of a gust of wind that was captured by the rover.
In addition, a high-definition video clip, lasting 25-seconds, showed the deployment of a parachute and the heat shield dropping away after protecting the rover during its entry into the Mars atmosphere.
This week, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) two new audio recordings from the surface of Mars. And both are not as netizens expected. In fact, many have said they would eerie.
The audio clips posted on NASA’s Soundcloud illustrated how windy the weather on Mars is. After listening to the sound, many social media users wrote they were reminded of horror movies.
The sounds were recorded by the Perseverance rover’s SuperCam microphone. Besides the sound of the strong winds, the microphone also captured a recording of laser shots on Mars, that sound lit like a continuous snap.
A video shared on Twitter by NASA compared how sounds on the red planet can be so different compared to that of Earth.
“Things are sounding really good here. Listen to the first sounds of wind captured by my SuperCam microphone. This mic is located at the top of my mast. For this recording, my mast was still down so the sound is a bit muffled,” @NASAPersevere tweeted.
This is how strong winds on Mars sound like:
The next recording is of laser strikes on Mars. “These rhythmic tapping sounds heard by the microphone on my SuperCam instrument have different intensities that can help my team figure out the structure of the rocks around me,”@NASAPersevere wrote.
Both the recordings were made using the rover’s SuperCam.