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Duke of Sussex compared his wife Meghan’s plight with that of his late mother’s, as both struggled with their roles within the monarchy

Mar 10, 2021

Prince Harry has revealed that he was financially able to step back from the Royal family because his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales left him an inheritance, telling Oprah Winfrey: “I think she saw it coming”.
The Duke of Sussex told the interviewer Oprah Winfrey that he was now living off money left to him by his late mother after he was cut off financially early last year when he and the Duchess moved to the US.
I have what my mum left me and without that we wouldnt have been able to do this, he said of his new life in Los Angeles. Its like she saw it coming and shes been with us through this whole process.
The princes were left about £6.5 million each when their mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, died 23 years ago. The sum was invested and gathered substantial interest, so Prince Harry inherited around £10 million on his 30th birthday.
Diana’s sons were also left  her wedding dress, designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel and made of thousands of pearls, silk layers and a 25ft-train.
In 2013, Earl Spencer, Diana’s brother, said that other items would also be handed over to William and Harry, in accordance with their mother’s will.
Other items handed down include: 28 other dresses, designer suits and evening gowns that belonged to Diana, two diamond tiaras, the original text of the Earl Spencers tribute to his sister at the funeral in Westminister Abbey and the score and lyrics of the Sir Elton John and Bernie Taupin’s version of Candle in the Wind, played by Sir Elton at Diana’s funeral.