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Feb 17, 2021

Every adult in the UK should have both doses of the vaccine by August
A report has claimed that lockdown wont be lifted until the UK reaches below 1,000 Covid cases per day. However, reports have also suggested that the countrys tourism and leisure sectors should be back to normal by July.
The head of the vaccine taskforce has said also that every UK adult should receive both doses of the Covid-19 jab by August.
This comes as the think tank, Reform, has warned that hospital waiting lists in England could more than double by April and may hit 10 million.
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Meanwhile Englands childrens commissioner, Anne Longfield, has called on Boris Johnson to put children at the centre of his plans to level up the country and build back better after the pandemic.
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Coronavirus: Every UK adult could have both jabs by August, head of vaccine taskforce says
Every adult in the United Kingdom could receive both doses of a Covid-19 jab by August or September, the head of the UKs vaccine taskforce has said. Clive Dix, who runs the unit tasked with developing and buying vaccines for the government, said the UK population could be fully vaccinated within the next six to seven months and that new jabs will be approved in the very near future.
Clive Dix said new Covid vaccines will be approved in the very near future
Eleanor Sly17 February 2021 08:51
Lockdown wont be eased until cases drop below 1,000-a-day, report claims
Lockdown restrictions will not be eased until daily coronavirus cases are below 1,000, while leisure and UK tourism could be broadly normal by July, according to reports.
The prime minister is expected to reveal his roadmap out of Englands third national lockdown on Monday, including details of how social-distancing measures will gradually be eased.
Chiara Giordano has more here:
UK leisure and tourism will be broadly back to normal by July, according to newspaper
Eleanor Sly17 February 2021 08:30
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