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‘It’s lovely to be back,’ says TV host

Feb 11, 2021

Kate Garraway has returned to Good Morning Britain after having been absent from the show since Christmas, prompting concern among viewers.
Now, the TV host has explained the reasons behind her absence, telling fans “it’s lovely to be back”.
Her co-host, Ben Shepherd, replied: “A lot of people have been very concerned.”
Garraway, whose husband Derek Draper has been severely unwell with Covid-19 since last March, explained she simply took some time off.
“On ITV they’ve very kindly given me some time off. I haven’t been feeling very well – I think it might be one of those things where chickens come home to roost after a long year that we’ve all had,” she said.
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“I just took some holiday leave – at home, I know holidays are controversial – within the four walls of my home. I had a lot of sleep and a bit of medicine and feeling much better, thank you.”
Shepherd teased: “Right, well you’ve got to bear in mind that a bit of time off for you is a bit of time off for us as well.”
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Garraway explained she hadn’t seen Draper, who has put into an induced coma after contracting coronavirus, since Christmas.
 “How is Derek doing?” Shepherd asked her.
“I haven’t been able to see him since Christmas. He’s back to seeing strangers in masks,” Garraway said. “It’s tough.”
Her comments follow those made in January when Garraway described her husband as having been “very changed” since he contracted the virus.
Recalling the Christmas visit, she said: “There was a lovely moment, which we did have, we did over the period get to see Derek, and the children did, which is the first time they’ve been able to do that.
Of course, it was very heightened with emotion because he’s very changed.”
Garraway continued: “It was one of those moments where it was so wonderful but then also it sort of amplified how sad everything was, and how different it is.
But it was still fantastic and I’m very grateful to have had that opportunity.