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Marvel’s The Eternals will answer the final mystery about how Thanos had the Mind Stone

Feb 10, 2021

The Eternals will most likely solve one of the last mysteries surrounding the MCU Infinity Saga how did Thanos get his hands on the Mind Stone?During the Infinity Saga, the MCU focused on the Infinity Stones, objects of huge power that were created before creation itself.
During the final Avenger’s movies, Thanos acquired all of the stones which eventually led to the ‘snap’, also known as his mass genocide.
In doing so, Thanos destroyed the Infinity Stones, which meant the Avengers had to go back in time to retrieve them and reverse the damage that he had done.
It seems like the new Eternals movie will address the stone’s past, as it will be spanned over 7,000 years, showing immortal characters interacting with humans over different times in history.
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The Eternals are an ancient race also known as the Celestials. They’re powerful entities who are somehow connected to the stones.
In Guardians of the Galaxy, the Collector claims that the stones were singularities that survived the creation of the universe.
Maybe it was the Celestials who “forged” the stones into their form.
The Collector once showed the Guardians a recording of a Celestial using the Power Stone to judge civilisations many years ago.
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In Avengers: End Game, Nebula said that the Soul Stone was in Vormir, which she called “The centre of Celestial civilisation,” so it’s obvious the Celestial’s have a connection to the stones.
In the comics, the Celestials created the Eternals. Speaking at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, actor Kumail Nanjiani discussed the Eternals’ origin; “We were sent to Earth thousands of years ago to protect Earth from these monsters, the Deviants,” he explained.
Thanos himself has had links to the Eternals in the comics, as he was born in the Eternal colony of Titan.
MCU fans are hoping that all these connections will mean The Eternals will give them a look at Thanos’ past.